Buy and Hold investment- Duplex 17% ROI

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This is one of our portfolio properties purchased through seller financing . This duplex generates around $400 a month in cash flow and has 35% equity. We plan to payoff this property in 5 years or less, increase rents to market value and remodel each unit bettering the lives of our tenants. Long-term, we will utilize it's equity for future acquisitions and long term wealth through slow but steady appreciation.


Deal Acquistion

 We have a devoted acquisition team working around the clock to find amazing deals that provide an above average return of 8-13%. We perform a thorough analysis prior to presenting you with different deal options. You will receive a condensed, easy-to-understand summary of the property, market, potential, and investment return. 

Property Management

 Rest assured that your property (residential or commercial) will be managed with efficiency and professionalism. We are committed to serving our clients by providing the results that they expect from us to keep the property in good shape. We combined good communication with a complete process designed to keep track of all the aspects of your investment from contracts, repairs, legal issues, and income management. 

Loan Origination

 Sometimes cash is best. Sometimes leverage on investment is best best. From your first home or investment property to building a portfolio or financing your first flip, we do it all!  Our experience and network go beyond a conventional loan or rate. We want you to get a loan for your investment, but we also care about your investment to pick a good product.

Owning Your Home

 Take advantage of amazing finance options to purchase your first home that will also be your first real estate investment! House hacking is a great way for anyone to get started in real estate investing with little to no money. Our realtor has a vast knowledge of the different house hacks available and the types of properties that will give you the best return long term.

Share the big news

 If you're looking for a rental property and don't know where to get started, our realtor can help. Rents always tend to increase while the monthly payment stays the same, but your net income will rise. Once the property is paid off, the rental income will be majority profit. Knowledge of profitable markets and negotiation tactics will find you a property with positive cash flow. 


 We strive for everyone to become a competent real estate investor. We provide various educational programs to help you get into the business, grow your portfolio, and become a successful real estate investor.